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"Ultimate Bingo Verifier UBV is the Ultimate Tool for the Ultimate Bingo Player."

The only purpose of UBV is to give you a statistical advantage while playing Bingo against other players, by playing as many cards as you can afford to play. UBV will, in the blink of an eye verify, as many cards as you were able to load in the app, against an almost unlimited wide variety of patterns, without the hassle of ink, stress or turning over and over a few cards, or wondering yourself if you already dabbed that number that is missing for the JACKPOT.

It's is ideal to play your family & friends and/or coworkers' cards when they are unable to attend the game.

Particulary useful when the game is ran accross several days drawing a set of balls each day with UBV, you'll never lose track of the drawn balls.
UBV comes preloaded with 86 patterns amongst some of the common, and not that common patterns for you to test against. It has multi-selection pattern feature allowing you to play as many patterns as you can, along as already mentioned as many cards as you want.

UBV also comes with a Random card generator that will let you generate as many as 1800 cards for you to test.

You can as well generate your own custom set of Patterns in a very fast, easy and intuitive way.
Please do note that even though UBV is designed to play an almost unlimited number of cards, to win at any Bingo Game you only need ONE LUCKY CARD. This App does not guarantee you that you'll win EVERY Bingo game, it only gives you that extra edge that everyone is trying to get a grip on. Therefore use it with Caution and overall, do not forget to have FUN!!

As of now UBV is available FOR FREE only for Android Lollipop and up, you can find it on Google Play.
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