Your privacy is important for us at Guanaco Devs and we respect it in a clear and transparent way, the purpose of this document is to expose and explain the need of our applications to collect certain information when you use them.


Our Applications do not collect any type of information by default. Our Applications may collect data in the following cases:


Our Applications rely on the services provided by third parties like Google, Firebase, Facebook & Twitter, such third parties may collect information on regards of your device Id in order to bring you a more personalized experience in the case of advertising, Data Analysis and/or data storage.
Firebase provides to Guanaco Devs with Database storage, Data processing, Analytics and User Authentication(When Requested by the User). Data managed by our applications under Firebase Services is kept under a non personal random user ID.
Google provides to Guanaco Devs with the infrastructure needed in order to publish and mantain our products in the Google Play. When the user performs financial transactions originated by our products all personal data such as Credit Card Details, Physical Address and/or location are kept within Google Services Infrastructure, Google also provides with a seamless sign in process in order to make the product more personalized to the user.
Facebook Provides Guanaco Devs with a seamless sign in process to make the product more personalized to the user, as well as data analysis within their infrastructure and hosting for Product information within their "Facebook Pages": Ultimate Bingo Verifier.


Our applications uses Firebase in order to offer user authentication to give the user a extra features or a more personalized experience using either Facebook or Google as Federated Identity Providers. When the user opt-in for any of the Identity Providers, we will receive and process:

i) e-mail Address: The email address is the main identifier within any of the Federated Identity Providers, as of June 12th, 2018, we use the email address for the only purpose of validated identification for Ultimate Bingo Verifier.
Unless explicitly requested by you we do not use it for communication purposes unless you request assistance and/or information from our side.

ii) Display Name: The display Name is used by the application to make your application more familiar to you and to differentiate your account from others using the same device.

iii) The Picture Profile URL: Our applications may use the Picture Profile URL to show your profile picture within the application.

All of the prevously mentioned personal data is used only within de application and nowhere else, this data is integral part of your identity whithin the Federated Providers(Google, Facebook & Twitter).
If you reside whithin the European Economic Area we are required by law to request your advertisement preferences prior any use of our applications.


As Guanaco Devs we are commited to safeguard all and any personal data you trust us, rest asured that we do not share nor will share with third parties your personal data unless required by law, which in that case you will be promptly informed. Be aware that the best keeper of your personal data security is yourself, we strongly suggest that you visit the links that we share in this document to better understand how to keep your personal data safe and how to control how your data is used by our partners.


As of june 12th, 2018 the application may hold personal data in our Firebase Database is, if for any reason you choose to delete your data from the Database we have provided controls within the application settings to delete ALL personal data and records produced by the use of the application in your device(s). Note that this action cannot be undone, once you choose to delete your data it will be unrecoverable and if you want to use the application again your old data will be lost forever.
In the event that you no longer use the app, data gathered by its use will be deleted automatically after 14 months of the last time you used the application while online.


User can find further information in the following links

Google Privacy Policy Google's Privacy Policy.
Google Partners How Google uses the data provided by the applications and third parties
Firebase Privacy Policy Firebase provides Database, Authentication, Data Analisis for Guanaco Devs
Google Ads Settings Change your personal ads preferences.
Facebook Facebook Privacy Policy.
Twitter Twitter Privacy Policy.
Your Ads Choices Find out how and with whom are you currently sharing your ads preferences.


Should you require further information regarding this privacy policy or any other inquire, please feel free to contact us at the following email.


Guanaco Devs does not share directly in any form any of the information collected by this application. We are committed to safeguard any information that you provide through this application.
Thank you for using our application.